Heyaaa ^_^

1st Entry !!!

Whaa . It’s b-Chan.. And it’s my first blog entry ever 😀 *blush* I hope you’ll like our blog..

At First I’m going to Review you a Manga which is really short.. It has only 8 chapters..!

Today I’m reviewing Hanatsuki Hime ^_^   

Hanatsukihime is a manga by Hibiki Wataru and it has been released in 2008 and it has been completed within 2 volumes.

The Story:

The main character is Lys, a dancer, and she travels around with her friend Siva. When Lys was born, her heart wasn’t beating. So her mother made a contract with a devil. Lys could borrow the devil’s heart until her 16th Birthday, but after this, the devil would eat her body. Together with Siva, she’s searching for the devil who borrowed her his heart.

My opinion about This Manga:

Well, at first I really have to say, the art & the illustration is beautiful and I really love it, it reminds me a bit of Vampire Knight (especially the eyes). To the story itself I just have to say : OMHG . this story is epic, seriously, it’s a very very short manga (only with 8 chapters), you can finish it on one day, but I really can recommend this one . It’s worth reading it, and for the people who really like manga with Drama in it, you’ll cry at the end T_T


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