First Impressions: Junketsu+Kareshi

Today I’m going to introduce “Junketsu + Kareshi” (Pureblood + Boyfriend)

This one is a pretty new Manga, the first release was actually in 2010 ! It is a japanese Manga by Shouoto Aya.

So now a little bit about the general stuff ^^ :

The plot:

Well, I’ve only read the first two or three chapters, but it starts to get interesting the more you read it ^___^ Seems like there’s going to be a love triangle (?) .. Well I hope so xD, if the other guy appears .. 😛

The art :

The art is very cute & cool, the colour illustrations look very beatiful and elegant ^_^I really like the art .. I also love how the eyes are drawn .. they look pretty cool and I know these kind of eyes from somewhere .

All in all:

It’s doesn’t seem to be such a cliche-like-vampire-girly-stuff-manga .. They’re really starting to get annoying xD.. but well, this one seems to be more different . So I’d definitely give this manga a try..:D

Oh and thanks to the scanlation group, which is scanlating this manga 😀


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