Bousou Otome

hey hey you can see my second review “Bousou Otome” a typical shojo by ikeyamda go ^^

The Plot:

Fujinami Chihiro is a shojo hentai artist. She has a boyfriend named Suzuki-kun. She puts her wild ideas of a love with Suzuki-kun into her hentai mangas, but he doesn’t know anything of his girlfriend of being a shojo henati artist. What is he going to do if he knows her secret?

My Opinion:

another shojo by ikeyamada go… and it’s so lovely ^^ it’s a typical shojo manga, it has a good story for a one shot and the drawing style for the guys who have never seen ikeyamada go it will be a little bit unusual and for the guys who know ikeyamada go ,  the characters are similar to moe kare but I think the guys who love ikeyamda go will love “Bousou Otome”


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