First Impressions : Pika Ichi

There is my second First Impressions post, and this time it’s about the Newcomer “Pika Ichi” which was written by Yoko Maki and Drawn by her sister Aki Mochida .. 😀 soo now let’s begin with ..

The Plot:

The plot seems to be really interesting, because the story deals with two very shy teenagers who are totally addicted to yakuza movies. Because of an incident on their school, where everyone gets bullied, they decide to bring Justice to their school ..

Lol, right now, I’m not very far, but it gets more interesting, and there was even a little romance in it 😀 😀

The Art:

The art looks very very good, I’m really impressed of her drawing style, but it kinda reminds me of Yoko Maki’s style (okay maybe because she’s her sister ??? XD) I like the eye details very much and how she draws the charas from the profile ( I just luuuv it >_< I dunno why xD)

All in all:

Whow . O_O This manga is (until now) brilliant . xD I love it how the two characters are sooo addicted with yakuza movies xD They are (later) proud of what they like and not ashamed of it anymore and they are not invisible and shy anymore, they turn into cool (& hot xD) teenagers .. and I really wonder if there’s gonna be some romance in it .. (?) well I really hope so, but even not, I would really recommend u this one 😀


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