Review: Only the ring finger knows

It’s b-chan :PP

I’m reviewing the very first Shonen-ai One Shot I read .:P It’s “Only the ring finger knows” by Odagiri Hotaru.

The Plot:

In the school that Wataru Fujii the main character of the whole story goes to, there is a rule, which says, that when one wears matching rings on their right middle finger they are only friends, a ring on the right ring finger means single, and to wear matching rings on the left ring finger means a couple. One day Wataru accidentally switches rings with the arrogant , Yuichi Kazuki, and  for some strange twist, their rings match…

My Opinion:

Whaaaaa. *_____* This Shonen-ai is super-mega-cheesy … but cuuuute 😀 😀 ..  every shonen ai should be like this xD . there are especially two hot BISHIES in it :O so for people who want to begin with a simple shonen ai . I’d really recommend it ^____^


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