Review: Rhapsody in Heaven (Kyouso Heaven)

hey hey ^^ I’m the other bika-chama and that’s my first review ^^ ok do you know rhapsody in heaven? if not you’ll get a first impression of rhapsody in heaven by kanan minami


Miyu Tsukasa is a girl who loves to swim and her world only exists for swimming. In her first high school day in the Tenkai Academy she meets Aoi Suzuki and fall in love with him. But her love means many problems. Who is Noa and why is Aoi always doing what she says?

My opinion:

So at first… I LOVE THIS MANGA >.< even it is a little bit too smuty (and the girl is sometimes really stupid as always) xD and even though the ending is a little bit to clearly ^^.              If you’re a kanan minami fan, you definitely have to read rhapsody in heaven also when you’re  a shojo-smut fan!


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