Review : Bloody Kiss ~

Heya x3 It’s B-chan 😛 I’m reviewing Bloodykiss by Furumyia Kazuko which was released in 2004 ^____^ !!!!!

The Plot:

Katsuragi Kiyo suddenly comes into a mansion from her grandmother she has never remembered meeting.And because she’s being a poor student Kiyo accepts of course xD . But it turns out that she has to share this mansion with the Vampires Kuroboshi and Alsh, Kuroboshi’s servant. This is going to be fun xxD

My Opinion:

Okay, First thing to admit  is, this manga is very very short .. >_< Nearly a little too short, I mean it has only about 7 chapters and 2 Volumes ( I bought it) , plus there are two bonus stories in each volume (which looks very strange, probably an older story…and I haven’t even read it ). And I also have to admit, that this manga’s ending is … very usual.. xD so the people, who hate cliche-vampire-stories, should better think about reading it xD .. But I personally love it xD xD . It’s a very cute and touching story … somehow >___________< And I really have to admit it… Kuroboshi is HOT xD xD. I usually hate the vampire guys, but he’s ….. perfect x3 and uuhm . the girl, Kiyo .. she’s kinda cute .. and even pretty .. and when I like a girl in a manga, she really must be likeable x3.. Now.. to the typical-vampire-romance-lovers, I’d recommend it <33


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