Review : Koko Ni Iru Yo !

My next review is about a kinda special manga (for me :P) because it is one of the very first shojos I ever saw in my book store . x3 and this manga is called “Koko Ni iru Yo” and it’s by the kinda famous Ema Tooyama :3 . well, let’s begin with the review šŸ˜€

The Plot:

Hikage is a girl from theĀ  8thgrade who seems to be “invisible” to everyone. She has only two friends in her personalĀ  blog,calledĀ  MegaPIG and Kuro Usagi (also Black Rabbit). They listen to her problems and give Hikage advice on everything. But, something seems to be changing, when the most popular boy in her school, Hinata, and his best friend Teru (>_<) start noticing her.Ā  Will Hikage make it to not be invisible anymore, and how does her relationship to her internet friend Kuro Usagi change ??

My Opinion:

Well, Koko Ni Iru Yo was one of the first Shojo Mangas I got to know when I started to be interested in all that stuff.. and I always thought Shojo mangas are very very boring and stupid xD .. But then, I started reading this one some thime ago … and I was like WTF ?? CUUUUTE xD xD . The story was really awesome, sad, touching & cute, the drawing style is beautiful, as well as the color illustrations on the cover and the color pages (*__*), and even the drawing style looks childish, the story itself is very serious, and I LOVE Hikage.. She’s so strong… she thinks she is weak but she isn’t .. cause if this would’ve happened I would’ve died ..


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