Cosplay Animal

hey hey 🙂 another review xD and again it’s a shojo. “Cosplay Animal” by Sakou Watari!

The Plot

Rika is 19 years old and she loves to cosplay. Then she meets Hajime and she is pretending that she is a high school student. What will he do after he finds out that he is dating a girl who is older than him and is a cosplay freak???

My Opinion:

ok first of all I LOVE THIS MANGA!!!

There are so many hot guys that I really could die xD. I really love the drawing style and the story ^^ but the problem is that the scanlation group doesn’t bring out the newest chapters -.-.

But thanks god that I can buy it in Austria!!! For the guys who love “Cosplay Animal”, one day if I know to scanlate, I’ll post all chapters of “Cosplay Animal” ^^. So for you guys who love hot guys and sweet shojos, READ “COSPLAY ANIMAL”!!!


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