Review: Torokeru You na Kiss wo Kanadete

Hello (: It’s B-chan !! And this time i’m reviewing one “smutty” manga.. It’s called Torokeru You na Kiss wo Kanadete and it’s by Mitsuki Miko. It has been released in 2007 (so it’s about 3 years old) and has only 3 (?) chapters ..

The Plot:

For about two years, Neo has been a couple with the vocalist of a band, Gaku. Then, after some time, she writes and sings a song which is about her feelings for Gaku. But because of this, the relationship between them changes  dramatically, and he vanishes for three months.. what will happen now (??)

My own Opinion:

The art of this manga is pretty good, I really have to admit it .. but .. wait !! did I really say it’s a “Smutty” manga ? xD .. well, I can’t really see where’s a lot smut in this one xD. (well I don’t care, I’m not a pervert, but still wondering why it’s genred under the tag smut ..). But, whatever, one time it is a little bit “smutty” xD.. So now to the story.. The story had a real good concept I liked it pretty much . Some people say it’s bad, but I wouldn’t say this.. This manga IS not bad, it’s just much too short. I mean 3 chapters ?? The mangaka could at least have extended the manga to 10 more chapters !!!! it really would have been interesting if there appeared a love triangle or so (-_-) .. And also one point . (which is normal for me xD) I hated the girl.. is she stupid ?? XD If you read this manga, you’ll see at the end what i’m talking ’bout . so, please just give this manga a try it’s really not that bad ^___^


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