Review : 14R (14 rating)

Hey there ^__^ A long time ago *cough* since I posted my last entry here xD.. Today i’m reviewing a one shot, which is actually a little bit older. It’s called 14 rating and it’s by the famous shojo Artist Yoko Maki ^^

The Plot:

The one-shot itself consists of 5 stories.

  1. 14R : It’s about the well- behaved Tamaki Kawamura who doesn’t look like it, but she has fallen in love with the “bad guy” Kamiya …
  2. Where dreams are floating: The young girl chika seems to be a very strange girl, and at her school she’s always dreaming .. The only thing which is very important to her is Music… One day she stays a little longer in class, and then she finds a guitar and plays a song on it.. Then suddenly her (HOT BISHIE) teacher appears and tells her she’s very talented.. will this change anything ?
  3. Ms. Yuri: It’s about the famous Kagami, who meets a very strange girl – Her name is yuri . This girl annoys her a lot and causes her trouble but, they become friends.
  4. Our Love: Oto, a high school girl, has fallen in love with the handsome saito for about two years.. But he seems to be very cold.. Is there anything wrong ?
  5. Daily News: It’s bout two sisters who are always together.. but when a boy appears, the relationship changes .

My Opinion:

I totally liked the one shot with the stories.. my fvorite was the second story.. It’s sooo cute and I love the teacher.. the only one I don’t like is the first story cheesy XD … so all in all, I liked it, The cover’s good, the art is good, what else can we wish ?


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