First Impressions: Shouri no akuma

Ok at first : I know it’s not a newcomer.. but whatever xD .. I just wanna give you some first impressions of another manga of Yoko maki which is called Shouri No akuma or “The devil of victory” 😉

So now, let’s start with the plot:

The main character is Tanakamori Asami, 16 years old. Because her father has to pay high debts, she suddenly needs to transfer school… But.. what’s wron ? In her new school, there are only strange people, she feels like she’s in a zoo… But there, she meets the beautiful Akira. Thanks to the cutie Akira, Asami slowly gets somehow used to this  school.                

My Opinion :

okaay, I gave you a first impression of this manga , and I really hope you’ll start reading it 😀 😀 😀 The art is soooo beautiful >_< and the story is very cool, it’s so cute, romantic & funny at the same time.. But be careful NOT to get tricked .. caause . it’s tagged under “gender bender” xD


One thought on “First Impressions: Shouri no akuma

  1. yeah, i love that manga, the art is great, the plot is great, the story is interesting, the characters are super interesting and funny too 😀

    …sad that it only have 15 chapters 😦

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