Honey x Honey Drops

hey hey =) and here is another review! This time it is “Honey x Honey Drops” by Kanan Minami! Please enjoy^^

The Plot:

Yuzuru is a fifteen year old girl. In the summer she had a part time job in a hotel where she meet Renge Kai. He’s a rich and troublesome boy. Then in the end of summer break Yuzuru finds out  that she has become Kai’s “honey”. In the Hojou High School there is a class only for the rich ones and their honeys. The honeys are the assistans of the rich ones and have to take care of them and so they can be successful in the future. The rich ones also pay the school fees of the honeys. So Yuzurus family has finacial problems and wouldn’t it be good when Yuzuru become Kai’s honey? The only problem is that Yuzuru don’t want to obey Kai but the only way to quit is to leave the school! What is she going to do???

My Opinion:

Well, the manga is really interesting and for the shoujo and smut fans, read it! The drawing style is typical shoujo and I like it very much (tzzz xD it’s kanan minami *hust shoujo,hot boys hust*). The only problem I have is this stuipd girl!!! I really don’t like her!

Whenever I see her I’m getting agressiv xD. She is soooooooo stupid, naive and weak -.-!!!


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