Review: Chocolate Cosmos

Hello 😀 Today I’m reviewing a Shojo manga, which is written by the very famous and young Shojo artist Haruta Nana ( Yamashita Yuki). The Manga’s called “Chocolate Cosmos” I bet you guys already know it 😛 😛

The Plot:

The main character, Sakurai Sayuki has a big Problem : She can’t look normal & friendly. So sayuki is totally desperate – cause she really wants a boyfriend, but that really doesn’t work, because every boy’s scared of her :O. Why can’t those people not be so superficial ??. Her fate changes, when her friend forces her to go to a party. There, she meets a totally handsome & mysterious guy who is nice and charming! She doesn’t know him, only that he goes to her high school and he smells extremely of chocolate. So .. who is he ??

My Opinion:

Okay, how should I begin ? ….. I totally like the story, it’s really cute and the art is pretty awesome.. its just my taste xD xD .. All in all it was a very good manga and I enjoyed it a lot …… Until I read the last chapter .. XD XD . Ok so they’re many opinions of the ending and there are many people who aren’t thinking the same way as me … but the ending was .. HORRIBLE O___O .. at the time I read it, the last chapter hasn’t been released on mf, so I bought the last volume only for the last chapter … I was so surprised about what’s gonna happen … and then .. BAM  – it was trash xD xD … The ending is sooo boring and cliche-like & … so unspectacular & disappointing . -.-  It was really not worth it to buy this stupid volume just because of the worst ending ever .. XD XD . but whatever .. you should still give the manga a try because i’m sure you guys will all like it (I’m a strange person XD XD)


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