Idol-sama no Yoru no Okao

hey guys ^^ here it comes “Idol-sama no Yoru no Okao” by Kurumatani Haruko! WAAAH I love her, her drawing style is so



Aya is a fan girl of  Zero, the sexiest idol of Japan. To get closer to him she goes to the same school as him and confess her love to him. Zero promises to grant her one wish if she become his puppet and do whatever he wants. Aya agress and become his puppet but to be his puppet is not easily as she thought!

My Opinion:

Kurumatani Haruko was good as ever in her drawing!!! I read four chapters of  “Idol-sama no Yoru no Okao” and I don’t know if it’ll continue but I hope so. The story will be much better if they two get new problems! Well whatever it’s really worth to read because the boy is a bishi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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