Review: Venus Capriccio (First volume)

Hello Guys 😀 😀 here’s another review, but this time, I’m reviewing only the first Volume of this manga, cause it hasn’t been completely released in my country ^_^  The manga is called Venus Capriccio and by Mai Nishikata. This Manga has been released from 2006 to 2008 ^^.

The Plot:

Takami and Akira know each other since they met 7 years ago in a piano class. Takami, who is kinda rude and boyish is the total opposite of the two years younger Akira, who is also very girlish (not true… BISHIE x3) and he’s a piano genius .. Takami always treated Akira as a younger sister… but one day everything changes, because Akira confesses his love to Takami .. what will happen now ???

My Opinion :

okay, at first, I really liked the Cover of the first volume that’s a plus factor xD, then I also kinda like the name of this one, I don’t know why :3 and what I also like about this manga, that this one has finally to do something with Music (cause I really like music :3) Then I’ll shortly say something about the characters.. This time I even like Takami (the girl), she’s very cool, and she looks awesome in a dress.. but I can’t understand what’s soo “boyish” about her.. she looks like a normal girl, she even has boobs xD .. so .. whatever, I’ll continue with Akira… and I think you’ll know what i’m gonna say… xD Akira is soo freaking HAWT. I was like *_________________________________*  when I first saw him >.< and okaay, I mean to tell the truth every bishie looks a little girlish … But he’s not soooo girlish . o_O and he doesn’t really look younger than Takami . .. but whatever. it’s great and you should check it out 😀


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