Mamotte Agemasu

hey hey 🙂 here is a new review! This time it’s called “Mamotte Agemasu” it’s a shojo with some smut elements! Enjoy 😀


Kotome was ill on the day for the entrace exams and couldn’t take the exams for her favourite school. So she had to go to a deliquent school. On the deliquent school she meets Onizuka, the leader of the deliquents in this school. Because Onizuka saved her from deliquents she begged him to be her friend so she won’t get in trouble. But what’s with this Onizuka??? Somehow he’s scary because he always fights with people but when he’s with Kotome his personality changes completely! What’s going on with him???

My Opinion:

ok guys xD when I read this manga i mostly laughed the whole time!!! It’s not one of this blabla stories where the boy is such a bad guy and teases the girl and then they fall in love bla bla… (but some stories are quite ok with this elements xD).  The drawing style is at the beginning a little bit unusual

(only because the boy looks at the beginning weird, maybe I’m getting old *thinking if she is getting old*)

Even though it’s a really short manga I really enjoyed  it ^^ (it has only four chapters)

oh yeah and there is a continuance of this story “Ubatte Agemasu” but there is only one chapter released -.-  *stupid scanlation group cough cough*


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