New Year, New Review :D

Hello guys 😀 😀 After the short brake of the New year’s celebration I’m back with another review for you .. ^^  This time it’s Harlem Beat wa Yoake made (Mad Love chase) by the mangaka Kazusa Takashima, who does mostly yaoi stories… but this time it’s a romance story ^_^

Now I’ll come to the Plot :

The demonking is very mad: His son, Kaito doesn’t want to live his boring life in hell anymore, and shortly before his forced marriage, he just ran off into the human world. As a high school student, Yamato (Kaito) loves his ordinary live ! But .. a trio, which is send off from hell is already on their way to find him.

My personal opinion about this Manga:

This is (right now) the only Manga which is longer than 2 volumes and which I have completed buying .. I had to wait a lot of time to finish this manga, cause I couldn’t buy it in my bookstore.. There, they told me that this manga TOTALLY flopped and that they put it out of their sortiment… so I had to look for another way.. And finally I could buy them . After I read this .. I was really impressed O__O .. This Manga is AMAZING !!! The story is just awesome, I really loved it, it was cute, also romantic and very funny xD The last volume was .. seriously the best one.. it was totally exciting and sad 😥 and the drawings of the mangaka also improved a lot from the 1st to the 5th volume .. (there was a lot of time between the releases, cause the mangaka was in hospital) Even if I think that the girls look .. very manly…xD but they’re still pretty XD So.. if you have the chance to read this somehow and if you like romance… READ IT … it’s worth it 😀


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