Haou Airen

hey hey 😀 here is my first review this year ^^!!! It is a shojo manga by Mayu Shinjo!


Kurumi was on her way home when she met a good-looking guy who was chased from some scary guys. She rescued him and brought him to her home and gave him some medical treat. On the next day he is gone and she only knows his name “Hakuron” and the dragon bell he had. Then suddenly after school, some guys with suits were wating for her. They kidnapped her and then she woke up in an airplane. When she woke up Hakuron was sitting in front of her and smiling. Who is this guy and why did he kidnapped her? And where is he taking her?

My Opinion:

Well, “Haou Airen” is a mature manga and it is categorized

“not for people under 18”. Whatever who stands to the rules xD ??? But it is really mature and sometimes… digusting xD. I really like the drawing style but why in every single story by mayu shinjo does the girl has so big boobs???????? I know it’s a weird question xD but every time to see the same girl… Whatever, the story has a really good background and the characters, well I like them all except one, this stupid naive girl  .

I hope you’ll understand my feelings if you read “Haou Airen”. Oh yeah I forgot, the ending of this story is not a happy ending!!!

I’m sure the ones with a weak heart are going to cry!!!! But please you have to read it because that manga is one of mayu shinjos best works (even though it is very long, 50 chapters)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(If you also don’t like this girl contact me then we can make a “I hate Kurumi” fan club XD)


3 thoughts on “Haou Airen

  1. thank god xD you also don’t like her xD who was your favorite character in haou airen?
    oh really? Akuma na Eros xD I also read it! Ok I read everything by her xD and I’m also going to review all her manga’s xD (Kayu-chan)

  2. “I really like the drawing style but why in every single story by mayu shinjo does the girl has so big boobs????????”
    haha… That’s simply because the author likes a female character like that wishes to feature them in all of her manga. BtW, me too, hates the whiny heroine. It’s so damn annoying. I’ve stopped reading her manga because of it(=.=|||)
    source : http://myanimelist.net/people/2190/Mayu_Shinjou

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