Akuma na Cupid

hey hey ^^ here it comes “Akuma na Cupid” by Hibiki Ai!

Plot plot plot…:

Ashiwara Iroha is in love with a guy called “Suzuki”. In order to make him like her, she climbes up a tree to touch the “legendary mark” at their school. If you touch the “legendary mark” and say the name of the person you like this person is going to fall in love with you. When she nearly touched the “legendary mark” she fell down from the tree but Shindou Kaname recues her. He heard that she likes Suzuki and becomes her go-between or develish cupid…

My Opinion:

The drawing style is somehow really cute but the story is not really something special! You can read it if you like one-shots or short love stories or if you have nothing to do with you time.

(oh yeah there is another reason to read this manga xD XD if you like the name Kaname xD like me )


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