I’ll give you some scary lessons….

Hello 😀 my review today comes a little late, because I have to entertain my little childish cousin xD well, whatever .. Today I’m reviewing a kinda different manga than the others, it is called zekkyou gakkyuu (scary lessons) and is done by Ishikawa Emi, who’s just a fantastic drawer >___<

I can’t really tell you something about the plot, because the volumes all contain only one shot stories…. These stories are horror stories and they’re mostly about people who are too silly to get involved with Yomi, the mysterious girl whose legs are missing ..And in the most cases, something horrible is going to happen to those people…..*muahahahah .. evil* xD

My Opinion:

Okay, Ishikawa Emi is my GOD :O she has an awesome drawing style, + she can do horror-like stories with such a cute art … she’s even better than the mangaka of  Jigouku Shoujo O__O ..  Okay the One-shot stories are really awesome and some of them REALLY freaked me out cause they wer kinda scary O___O I traumatized my friend Kayu-chan with this manga .. but she has to like it .. if not  …    I will hit her xD (just kidding xD) some stories were also beautiful and sad <333 .. that’s what I really love about this series .. And this manga is also a BISHIE-Paradise O_O .. it’s really crazy .. nearly in every story is one xD … the only thing which is bothering me a lil bit, is that these stories have all no connection .. and I have to memorize all the names again -.- .xD  but .. I anyways, I really love this manga and I love Yomi , she has such hawt eyes (I’m a girl btw xD XD) .. I really recommend this one 😀


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