Kaikan Phrase

hey hey this time it’s an old manga but anyways it is by mayu shinjo! I wanted to post it because it’s the only manga by her where I don’t want to kill the main girl (if I don’t want to kill someone it is very special xD XD B-chan knows it xD xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plot Plot Plot……….

Aine Yukimura is a normal high school girl who likes to write songs. On one day she meets Sakuya Okouchi who likes her songs and wants  her to be the songwriter of the famous band “Λucifer”. She has no time to agree because she has immediately fallen in love with him. Even though she knows that Sakuya is famous and he can have any woman, she don’t can get rid of the feeling she has! Can there be a love between a famous singer and a normal girl?????????

My Opinion:

I’m sorry for this stupid question in the plot. I think you know the answer :D! Well, the drawing style is really old and when I saw it the first time I thought “What the fuck???” but I thought I have to read it because it’s

mayu shinjo XD. The story was at the beginning… ähm…boring XD because there are always the same moments which I  have seen plenty of times in other mangas but the story is really getting better with some time! Moments happens which you think of course they definetly cannot happen!

The feelings in this story are always the same jealousy, happiness, love, sadness… but they are used in so many different ways that it’s really thrilling to read! Oh yeah and the most important thing, thank god you cannot see the details in the sex scene  xD xD.   If you want to read it here is a link http://www.manga2u.com/Kaikan_Phrase/ this website really has all chapters and bonus chapters ^^ please enjoy ^^

(oh yeah the manga has 84 chapters XD there is also an anime to kaikan phrase but… no comment xD)


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