Mischievous Kiss ( 장난스런 키스)

my first review about a korean drama ^^. “Mischivous Kiss” is a live action series based on the anime “Itazura na Kiss”.  The series has 16 episodes and 7 specials.


Oh Ha Ni is clumsy and not very smart. Also her school marks are always bad, even though she falls in love with the perfecionist Baek Seung Jo. She writes him a love letter and he gives her a letter where he has underlined her mistakes and with a mark “-D”.

Also on the same day Oh Ha Ni’s house collapses because of a low earthquake. Oh Ha Ni has to move with her father to a long time friend of her father. It turns out that the long time friend has a son and this son is Baek Seung Jo. What is she going to do and will she be able to move Baek Seung Jo’s heart?

Ok here are the awesome characters xD:

김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo:

ok first of all Kim Hyun Joong*screams* xD ok of course you know that I love him xD I’m sorry but I’m a freak and a small stalker xD whatever in this drama he plays a boy with a very cold personality. Even though he is very mean he can smile like an angel . In this drama he likes to tease Oh Ha Ni but sometimes (only sometimes xD) he’s very kind and shows his angel face xD.

정소민 / Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni:

Jung So Min is the main character and in this drama she has a very bright and innocence personailty. She is so clumsy in the drama that you always have to laugh. I think she is really beautiful (even though he says that she is ugly xD).

Ok that’s it for my first korean drama review ^^ if you are going to watch it then you definetly have to watch “Boys before flowers” ^^ and that will be my next review…


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