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Hello guys !! It’s B-chan and this time it’s NOT a review or anything .. I just wanna write some general stuff just to inform you about some things xD Okay at first my review posting is lacking a little bit because my little cousin is at my home and I don’t have so much time to go to the internet until thursday .. Oh and I give you some advice : NEVER watch japanese horror movies like The Grudge AFTER midnight .. Seriously i’m usually not a coward … but It really freaked me out this time .. I could hear Kayako (the monster) all the time and the kid which sounded like a cat O___O But I really have to say, the movie is very awesome XD ..

Loool… some other things… I have a really important  question to you .. Should we do summaries of some mangas (I dunno which ones exactly now but some, which are licensed in our country) ?? This time, PLEASE answer.. because it’s really really important for us .. We’d really like to do that cause there are so many mangas which r lacking in scanlation and since we dunno how to do scanlation we’d like to do summaries *cough for example heart no dia .. maybe xD cough*  so PLEASE PLEASE I beg you a thousand times leave a comment and tell us what you’d think about this x33 .

Another thing you can really look forward to : Kayu-chan and I decided .. finally… dum dum dum …. to some reviews together xD xD can bet .. that will be fun because we’ll review mangas were we are sometimes at the same opinion .. but sometimes definitely NOT…. We will “kill each other in some reviews .. LOOL . It will be fun xD xD

So keep checking out our blog, you’re gonna enjoy much more stuff we post .. and maybe some day… we’ll do summaries .. so STAY TUNED 😉


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