Boys Before Flowers/ 꽃보다 남자

hey guys ^^ as I promised here is my newest review “Boys before Flowers” another korean drama! It’s one of my favourite series and I’m going to watch it again with B-chan!!!

Plot plot plot…

Jan Di is an average girl. Near the work place of her family there is a very luxurious school the “Shin Hwa College”. Somehow she managed to get into this school and meets there the richest and spoiled boys also known as the “F4”. Because the leader of the band throws a cake into the face of a girl Jan Di couldn’t ignore this fact and declared war to the leader of “F4”. She didn’t know how many problems they are going to bring to her!!!!!! What’ll she do?

For the people who didn’t watch the drama you shouldn’t read this because the introduction will have some spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!

The famous characters *screams*…

Koo Hye Sun(구혜선) as Geum Jan Di:

Her stubborn personality gives her many problems but gives her enough strengh to fight the problems. (I’m sorry I don’t know more to write about her)

Lee Min Ho (이민호) as Goo Joon Pyo:

Goo Joon Pyo is the leader of F4. In the drama he is a spoiled child who never recieved love from this parents so he’s acting like that. Ja Di is the first person in his life who doesn’t obey to him. I also think that’s the reason he likes her.

Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) as Yoo Jin Hoo:

The other member of F4. His personality in the drama is very withdrawn because of the fact he lost his parents he doesn’t have much contact to other people. (waaah why has kim hyun joong in the drama’s a locked personality??????? Whatever he looks awsome but he looks better with short hair)





Kim Bum (김범) as So Yi Jung:

Also a member of F4. Well, he’s very rich but also very kind. He’s not that bad to other people that’s why I really like him.

Kim Joon (김준) as Song Woon Bin:

The last member of F4. I think he’s the bad boy in the group and remembers me a lot on a gangster (that could be because he’s one xD).


11 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers/ 꽃보다 남자

    • thahah . I personally think so too XD (b-chan) I never watched the japanese one though . I only watch korean dramas xD .. But I like it better because the japanese one looks very old XD and the guys look definitely better 😀 xD

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