Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland

Hello :O I finally decided, since I’m also a very freaky gamer *cough xD* to make a game review about a japanese game .. It’s called Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland, it’s a “JRPG” and it’s from the Mana Khemia series and it’s for the PS3

The Story:

It’s about the young alchemist Rorona, who’s opened an Alchemist Shop with her master in town.. But there comes a problem: The kingdom wants to close down this shop, if she won’t pass an assignment, which is finished in about two years..
So in Atelier Rorona you have to pass these assignments as you produce various Items with Alchemy.. you also have to gather ingredients..

My Own Opinion:

Okay, this game has a very cute style, it looks also very good for an anime game, and I really like Rorona, she’s very cute >__> I also love those three guys… what were their names again ?? oh right .. Sterk, Iksel &–.. I can’t remember the name of the long-haired guy xD xD.. but whatever.. Now to the fighting system: The fighting system is “round -based” and you can have only three characters in your group (which annoys me a lot… why can’t they have 4 ? -_-) … Beside the fact that i definitely hate this system, you can’t really do special attacks with Rorona (which are strong -.- she’s waay to weak) and it’s very boring to do training -_- and you have no time for training cause you have to sit at home, doing the alchemy stuff -.- and if you don’t do it, you have a problem in the last locations .. Well that was ’bout the fighting system .. now all in all this game was not sooo bad.. BUT the story wasn’t very spectacular.. You just went from a to b gathering ingredients and maybe sometimes there was something happening .. but also not spectacular … If I could describe Atelier Rorona with one word, it would be: Boring XD .. But I guess it’s the first game of the mana Khemia series I’ve ever played, so maybe this is normal for those series… XD Still, I’m definitely gonna buy Atelier Totori some day , but I dunno if it has been released here ?? .. whatever .. that’s just my opinion about this game … 😀

Soo… the guy on the right is my favorite guy… 😀 it’s iksel .. he’s sooo cute .. 😀 Even though he’s weird cause he runs around with a pan .. xD xD but well,  he was the second strongest guy of my group .. >______>and the guy on the left, together with Rorona is Sterk .. seriously .. this game is kinda a  bishie-paradise xD xD


7 thoughts on “Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland

  1. 😀 I finally got myself a PS3 and this game is on my radar ~ I really enjoyed the Atelier Iris series and Mana Khemia series released by NIS so I’m hoping I’ll like this too 😀
    (the bishies are def a plus ;D)

    Was just wondering but I heard this game has like 40+ endings. When you finish the game, is there any sort of new game+?

    Thanks for your review ~

    • If you liked the other Mana Khemia series you’ll definitely like it ;D
      yup, that with the 40 endings is true, (the one I got was cool ;D) But when you finish the game, I think it’s over, I haven’t tried if there’s anything after it 😛

  2. Currently playing 2nd through, and I can say, that this game is awesome. Yeah, during first playthrough all those deadlines seems kinda boring, but when you gets used to game system – it’s really enjoable. IMHO.
    Gotta definitely Plat this game ^^ Also the second game of the “Arland” sub-series, direct sequel to Rorona, Atelier Totori, will come to us, on the West, but when – nobody knows )))

    Sorry for bad English, it’s not my first language ^^

    • heey ~ no problem, english is also not my first language ^^ well, I agree, and I’ll definitely check out the next one, when it comes out (I hope soon e_e )

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