BLACK BIRD *screams*

hey hey ^^ I’m going to present you one of my favorite manga… “BLACK BIRD”, you know I REALLY LOVE BLACK BIRD so read the review and then fall in love with BLACK BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plot plot plot…

The world is full of monsters but humans cannot see them – except Harada Misao. She can see these monsters but she can’t tell it anybody because she knows that nobody will believe her. But then suddenly Kyo appears and tells her that she is his fiancee and he also can see the things that she can see! But somehow he don’t seem to be human and he also tells her about a time that she can’t remember… WHO IS HE and WHY IS HE SO INTERESTED IN HER??????????????

My Opinion:

ok first of all the manga is one of the best shojos I read! It’s really awesome and the bishies…  (waaaaaaaaaah I’m going to steal all those bishies *_________________*). I really like the drawing style because it seems kinda of simple but all in the same it’s really really beautfiul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The story is one of the best I ever read it’s not one of those (sometimes) boring shojos! It also has more genres and shojos with fantasy elements are really rare!!!!!!!!!! I really recommend “Black Bird” so read it even though it’s not completed!


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