Lovey Dovey ..

Hello there :3 Today, I’m gonna review my second “smutty manga” . It’s called “Lovey Dovey” and it’s by Aya Oda .. I think this manga has already been finished in japan and my country.. but whatever .. let’s begin .. 😛


For a long time, Saika has done everything to get close to her childhood friend & love, Keisi,  She even  followed him to the same high school!! She totally changed herself , just to become the right girl for Keishi. One day, she runs into the school’s trouble-maker Kirisaki Shin. As he starts bullying her, she falls in love with him …. but on this school, Love is forbidden….

My Opinion:

Okay, I’m usually not the person who always talks bad about things .. But this manga .. is seriously such a WASTE OF TIME -_- … I mean .. The art is kinda okay, that’s the only thing I liked about it .. But the story… horrible.. It’s soo extremely boring because it’s always the same … everything is so predictable .. seriously .. if you wanna waste so many hours of a life just to read it, do it, but you’ll be dissapointed -_- Cause is the worst smutty manga I’ve ever read .. and I read a lot of smutty ones xD


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