Tropical ni Koiiro

Hello (: This time I’m reviewing a One shot by Furumya Kazuko and it’s called Tropical ni Koiiro.. it’s a side story from some other manga she did.. but it seems like it hasn’t any connection .. whatever, this one-shot was released in 2005 ^^


The Plot:

Shikai and Minami are stuck together on a tropical island, because Shikai wanted to escape reality by jumping off the ship on purpose.Now they’re both on this Island .. all alone … Will they somehow build a relationship or even more than that ….?

My Opinion:

well, what a pity ! This manga is definitely too short .. -_- This was the second manga, I’ve ever read of this mangaka after Bloody kiss.. and I have to say.. I enjoyed it .. ^^ I love the art (so i should check out more manga of her .. :D) and the story was also cute .. and  finally something different than just only school life ^^ .. And seriously.. this mangaka should do more smutty mangas, cause her drawing style fits it perfectly .. 😀


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