Biyaku Cafe. Rawr.

Hello guys . 😀  yaaay ! We finally made it to get more than thousand visits *happy* .. 😀 I hope it stays like this !!! well, whatever, I am gonna give you a first impression  of the shoujo manga “Biyaku Cafe” which is drawn by Ukyou Ayane who has also done “Desire Climax”… maybe you know her ^^

The Plot:

The Love potions night retreat is a place where, you have no menu to choose anything, instead, the waiters do the tea out of the impression the customers give them. I think in every chapter there’s a different story about a couple in this cafe, but the main characters  are actually Megu-chan and her childhood friend Mako , whom she hates, because she thinks that he’s cuter than her ..  But could it be that she’s untrue to her feelings ?

My Impression:

Okay this is a kinda smutty manga .. It’s getting smuttier with every chapter .. and this cafe .. is FULL of Bishies O_O they’re all very very hot .. xD especially the black-haired guy and Mako .. >_>  What I really want is that this manga gets released more often cause you can only read the first volume online >___< . But it’s very cool and I wonder what’s gonna happen in the next chapters .. 😀 So .. even if there are some people who say it’s trash, I think it’s good so u should give it a try  XD



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