Zenbu Chodai

hey guys xD here is another manga by Kurumatani Haruko “Zenbu Chodai” :D! Well, let’s begin with the plot…

Plot plot plot…

Queen Sakura Himeko. She is smart, good at sports, and most importantly, beautiful. Perfect at everything she does, Himeko has lots of male fans who gives her everything she wants. If someone want to become her boyfriend he has to be perfect as her and has to listen to all her orders. However, after switching schools, she meets Ozora Ren, a guy just as perfect as her…  and somehow even better than her?! She has found a rival and she is going to do everything to remain on the top as the “perfect queen”!

My Opinion

Well, the manga is kinda of cute,  it has the typical shojo genres and situation… so the typical Kurumatani Haruko manga!!! The manga is somehow really funny because this girl always overreact xD Well, whatever the drawing style is as always awesome and finally… there is a bishounen with glasses xD ok glasses xD (that means B-chan is going to fall immediatly in love with him as always xD)!

It’s a manga by Kurumatani Haruko and there is a bishounen with glasses xD so… READ IT!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Zenbu Chodai

  1. xD thank you for your comment xD for me you’re my new hero xD because we hardly never have comments!!! oh yeah you are not the only one who loves them xD btw I’m Kayu-chan and do you have an account on mangafox?

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