News ..

Konnichiwaa ~ It’s me, B-chan (: I hope you’re all fine … School has just started, and it’s already very stressful >_< . what I wanted to tell you is, that we won’t have so much time anymore to post so many reviews… I mean, we will still post stuff here, but, unfortunately, we won’t be so active as in our vacation >__<  I hope you’ll understand that and I hope you’ll still keep checking out our blog …

P.s: I took this picture for this post, because it’s a bishie, and he has glasses >___<  (yeah as you know i’m in love with glasses-guys .. thanks to kayu-chan *hits her * xD xD)


5 thoughts on “News ..

  1. School always bogs my blog down too :<
    But education = good moneys (or so I hope xD), which means being able to buy stuff ❤

    I look forward to your future reviews 😀
    Ganbatte with school!

    • thahah . yeeah . :/ sometimes I could just kill my teachers >___< .. But I guess you're right, and when I get good marks, my mum will give me more manga so I can review more x3


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