Himekei Doll ^^

hey guys 😀 today I’m ill so I can’t go to school so I can post reviews … xD xD well, I read this manga a while ago and I thought it’s really cute so I wanted to introduce it to you ^^. It’s called “Himekei Doll” by Sakisaka Mea… let’s begin with the plot…

Plot plot plot…

Ayumu is totally in love with the young fashion designer Renji. To fulfill her dream to be his girlfriend she enrolls into the same school as him! After a incident Renji finds out that Ayumu is in love with him but also the fact that Ayumu is a talented designer… So what’ll happen next? Will  she be able to make him fall for her?

What I think of this manga…

well, this manga is a typicall shojo with his problems and situations  but somehow it can give you his attraction to read it… The drawing style is really detailed, I like it how the girl looks like but I think the eyes of the male characters are too big…  I think the story has his special situations where it is really thrilling (and where you want to beat up someone xD) and sometimes really funny xD because the girl can’t sew and she’s clumsy xD

The manga isn’t completed yet but read it here http://www.mangareader.net/1094/himekei-doll.html because they have more chapters ^^


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