Random Shizz .. xD

Hello guys xD xD It’s me b-chan and I just wanted to post something random .. cause i’m ….. BORED -_- Tomorrow is our first exam -.- Even though it’s only English, I’m pissed off cause my teacher is sooo horrible xD xD I’m better in english than her (you have to know, english is not my fluent language :P) Whatever … That means that I will maybe post a review on thursday again 😀 😀 Maybe more things .. Who knows ? 😛  Oh yes and thanks to Maousama I Know a special manga I’ll review some day when I’ve finished it 😀 It’s Hana no Kishi . and I just went through it and it looks amazing .. but I was tricked very badly xD xD

Soo . lool  how r u doing ? I’m really bored -.- After all this school-shit I’ll definitely post Anime & more game reviews *cough Kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy cough* Even if I realized I haven’t watched so many anime O_O  Oh yes, and I just wanna say THANK YOU very much for all the visits . we finally got more than 80 .. and that’s really really great cause we are “newbies” here. seriously xD Our progress is not so bad, I really have to admit this, in the beginning, we only received spam comments like “I love Carsn Seotons (WTF?)” you know what I mean Kayu-chan xD Lol.. but it keeps gettin better and I totally appreciate that 😀 Sooo that was my post for today and stay tuned 🙂


So here’s a random Tales of the abyss video for you ..xD

I will make those words your last, REPLICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


2 thoughts on “Random Shizz .. xD

  1. School starts tomorrow for me, so I’m a little nervous OwO; Hopefully it won’t be too crazy!

    Seeing Tales of the Abyss reminds me that I need to play that game xD I’ve played Tales of Symphonia and LOVE LOVE LOVED that game 😀 Now that I have a PS3, I really want to play the Tales games available for it(I think Grace and Vesperia) but they are only available in Japan D:
    When you say Final Fantasy, are you talking about XIII? :3

    I remember when I first started my blog. It was like I was the only one reading my posts xD (I got spam too! Like, see Miley Cyrus’s nipples. Me: o_O; whut!?)
    I’m glad you all made this blog ❤

    • Aww, I wish you good luck with school :/

      Yes, you definitely need to play it :3 I just love it x3 Even if I haven’t finished it .. I’ve played for about 56 hours and I’m still not at the end -.- (cause I trained for nothing XD) still an awesome game and your really have to play it >________<Omg -_- tales of graces isn’t available in my country yeet 😥 i want tooo *_* But You have to play tales of vesperia . it’s amazing 😀

      Thahaha .. that’s worse than our spam comments O___O but loool xD thahah . I’m soo glad that you like this blog 😀 😀


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