Random Shizz part 2 : Our weird Conversations in school …

B-chan: Hello guys, Ugh -.- We both  just had our first english exam and next week, it’ll be more stressful because of our chemistry test and our maths exam  -.- I just copied nearly the whole chemistry exercise book in ONE hour -_-.

Kayu-chan: oh yeah and I have also a japanese test -.-, … ok whatever we’re going to show you how boring the school was today and  what we were talking about xD xD  let’s start…

B-chan: What should I do next for our blog ?

Kayu-chan: …

B: Hey, are you listening to me???

K: … Hey, where is my key???

B: Oh man, not again…

K: Hey that’s not funny, where is it really???

Looks in her school bag, can’t find it…

K: Maybe I forgot it in the class room?!

B: Well, whatever… that wouldn’t be a surprise…

K: If it is in the class room, I’m going to kill somebody

Looks at B-chan…

B: HEY!!!

Kayu-chan laughs… SUDDENLY……………………………….. we met our random friend xD

Random friend: Hey!!!

K: OMG… xD

B: Hi, oh yeah i borrowed fairy cube and that strange yaoi from you…

R.F.: oh ok, then I going to give you the next volume of fairy cube tomorrow!

K: hey at first you’ve to borrow it me!!!

R.F.: oh yeah I’m sorry B…, well then bye!

B.and K.: Bye!

B: hey, I know it, I’m going to review TALES of the ABYSS!!!

K: WHERE THE HELL IS MY KEY??? oh yeah do as you like…

In our class room…

K: Hey, there is my key, wohooo I’ve found it xD

B: oh man somehow that isn’t a surprise…

Then we’re sitting on our chairs…

K: omg vampire knight season 3 is being released in 2012

B: oh but this is the year of the apocalypse… *laughs*

K: *laughs too* oh yeah that’s right but it only begins in december *laughs*

B:*laughs* oh you’re right maybe we’ll be able to watch some episodes…

*soo the Italian lesson starts .. Boring as ever, our teacher starts talking bla bla bla*

Meanwhile, kayuchan does the grudge-monster Imitations xD, but our teacher doesn’t recognize it .. As you can see our lessons are always very amusing .. xD

*Random school guy sneezes very loud *

*Kayu-chan tries to hold her laugh*

*b-chan bursted out laughing*

So we both had to laugh .. xD

(Well that one wasn’t really a conversation xD Still, it was fun xD.. But there is something more )

At The gym ..

B-chan : You know what ?

Kayu-chan: What ?

B-chan: NO TOUCHING … XD (If you know Jiro wang you’ll know that his english is horrible xD)

Sooo lol. that was our random shizz for today and you can look forward to a lot of reviews on the weekend .. the last words I have to say are :

MITHOS *@@@@@* ME !!!


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