well, it’s weekend and finally we can post reviews ^^!!! Today I’m going to review AI HIME AI TO HIMEGOTO” by Mitsuki Kako…

Plot plot plot…

Mao meets a handsome sleeping guy under a sakura tree. Suddenly he wakes up and gives her an unexspected kiss and then he disappears… but after some time they meet again and it turns out that he’s her uncle (even though they aren’t blood releated)! It turns out that they have to live together for a few months because Mao’s parents are going on a holiday…


Well, I read that manga a long time ago and at that time I really liked it

and also the drawing style… but now the drawing style is at the beginning a little bit weird, whatever… the story is a little bit smutty (but only a little bit xD) and has funny and cute moments, but sometimes it’s getting boring if you have read so many shojos like me… Even though the drawing style is a little bit unusual, I think that the male main character is a bishounen  (and sometimes he is wearing glasses xD)


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