Rh + ( Rhesus Positive)

Hello 😀 :DIt’s B-chan ^_^ here’s my second reviwe , which is NOTabout  a shojo,even if it got tagged under it 😛 .. It’s called Rh + (Rh Plus) and it’s by Suwa Ayako.. 😉 This manga has (unfortunately) been completed in 4 volumes ..

The Plot 😀 :

Rh + is about  four male vampires, building manager Kiyoi, college junior Masakazu, and high school freshmen Akira and Ageha, who live together in a mansion “as a family”. Even if they are vampires, they lived a normal life until  some mysterious things happen in town and they get confronted with them..

My Opinion:

Okay, This Manga is definitely NOT a shojo .. I mean .. I don’t wanna spoil you, but this manga  has shonen ai elements so don’t believe the tags xD !!!  And another thing I wanted to say is, that the art of this manga is very unusual, so it could be possible, that you don’t like it, the noses are drawn very very weird .. O.O but, whatever .. This manga was at first a little boring, but from chapter to chapter it started getting better and I started loving it 😀 !! The story is extremely good and there are some thrilling moments, and there are also some very cute moments *___* So, this manga finally made a Yaoi (XD), that’s the genre (also shonen ai) which fits her drawing style .. but she’s very flexible, she/he even did a smutty manga ..@ Kayu-chan I’M GONNA REVIEW IT XD .. Lol.. so .. if you have the chance to read, or buy it, then DO IT xD xD

Oh yes, as I wanted to look after the mangaka’s information & all her mangas, I found out that there’s a J-Drama for Rh+ :


The cast is Miura Yuu, Tochihara Rakuto, Ojima Naoya , Takano Hassei, Tomatsu Haruka, Fujita Ray and Miyagi Kentaro.. I don’t know any of them, but I found this picture and the cast looks very interesting ..*cough attractive cough* xD xD

Sooo i found this video with some scenes, just if u’re interested… sorry, I couldn’t find one with english sub xD xD

So if you watch it, tell me how it is, cause I usually don’t watch J-dramas 😛 😛


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