Shinshi Doumei Cross <333333

hey hey πŸ˜€ today I’m going to review “Shinhi Doumei Cross” by Arina Tanemura… She is so awsome, I really love all of her manga’s… so let’s start…

Here comes the plot…

Haine Otomiya is in love with Shizumasa Togu. To be near to him she enters the Imperial Academy for rich kids and also got accepted as a member of the student council. But when she enter the student council she didn’t know that she entered a world full of secrets and hatred! Will she be able to manage that world and to fulfill her dream???

Opinion opinion opinion…

“Shinshi Doumei Cross” was my second Arina Tanemura manga and I got immediatly attached to it!!! The artwork is sooooo awesome (of course because it’s Arina Tanemura xD)!!! Well, the story is really thrilling, at the beginning when I read it I thought “oh man not again a simple shojo with a girl and a boy and problems…” but when I read it and read it I… (well I don’t know it anymore xD I think my school marks dropped for a short time because there was only “Shinshi Doumei Cross” in my head :)) whatever the story is really one of the best ones I ever read! Oh yeah I forgot xD the story is a love triangle!!! Because of that it was really hard to choose one of those guys!!!!!!!!!!!! The story isn’t a simple love trianlge there are also problems with the minor characters (somehow there are also shounen-ai elements xD)!!! Whatever you really should read that story because it’s one of the best mangas by Arina Tanemura!!!

(You also should read it because there are so many bishounen πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D)


3 thoughts on “Shinshi Doumei Cross <333333

  1. i dont know why so many people have problems with differentiating characters…i didnt had that problem at all !! πŸ˜›
    for me its obvious that haine and ushio both have long hair, but they have different eyes πŸ™‚
    maora had middle(not short, not long…:P)-hair …
    the guys had different hair too (just shizumasa and takanari dont *lol*)

    i had almost stopped reading it, because the first 6 chapters are boring, but i repeated reading so i read it, and i am super glad that i did πŸ˜€

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