Randomness. :p

Hello guys It’ b-chan and I hope u had a good weekend xD . Here comes my random post before school starts again and I’ll have to lock my laptop away before learning xD xD This weekend, I orginally wanted to do 3-4 reviews.. but what did I do ? Only one big review -.- So really . I promise, after all this school shit, I’ll do a lot of stuff xD .. This weekend I learned my butt off because of the chemistry test, we have it tomorrow.. and our teacher is such a… *Censored*  .. yeeeah .x D xD . so what r u guys doing all the time ? Entertain me, I’m terribly bored xD xD I just found out that a taiwanese boyband, which i found because of my two fav actors, sings japanese songs .. aww .. sounds soo cute x3 When I go to Japan in two/three years i’ll buy their japanese Cd’s xD definitely xD Oh yes, and the animated guy in my first sentence is Yamapii *screams* Kayu-chan knows my reaction about him too good .. she forced me to read shinshi doumei cross but I said only yes if she looks for a picture of him with glasses xD xD and yes.. fortunately . she found one . 😀 so since kayu chan already exposed my glasses fetish, I don’t have to hide it, right ? XD

lool . that was my random post . and I wish u a good week 😀


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