Hidarime Tantei Eye…

hey hey guys 😀 today I’m presenting you the japanese drama “Hidarime Tantei Eye”… well, it’s a drama with Ryosuke Yamada and I watched it with my friend (not B-chan) because she really loves the HEY SAY JUMP! members and of course Ryosuke Yamada 🙂 (and she was also the one who said to us that we should post HEY SAY JUMP!) whatever… normally I’m not watching japanese dramas but when you have crazy friends who are always stalking some japanese people then you can’t ignore them xD…. so let’s start:D:D


Genre: Crime

Theme song: Memories and Hitomi no Screen by HEY SAY JUMP!

(of course the theme songs has to be by HEY SAY JUMP! xD)

Short PLOT…

Tanaka Ainouske was born with a weak left eye. But his brother donated him his left eye and died in an mysterious accident. After the succesful surgery, Ainouske can see strange images when someone hits him on the left eye… The strange images shows him things which are going to happen if he doesn’t do anything against it. Because of his left eye he is getting involved with an unidentified criminal organization appears and it seems that his “dead” brother is also involved in it…

The introduction of “The characters and my opinion” is going to contain spoilers!!!

The characters and my opinion:

Yamada Ryosuke (山田涼介) as Tanaka Ainouske:

well, he’s the main character in this drama! At first he was a very kind and helpful person and because of his left eye he was trying to cope with it and to try his best. But when he got involved with that organisation and found out that his brother is a part of it… his personality changed. It’s not so dramatic but when you look at the first episode and then at the last episode you can see the diffrence, he has been more mature and a little bit desperate…

Yokoyama Yu [横山裕 (よこやま ゆう)] as Tanaka Yumehito:

yeah he is the brother xD well, I didn’t understand him in the drama… somehow he cares for his brother but on the other side he hates him “HUH???”… Somehow I didn’t like him…

Ishihara Satomi (石原さとみ) as Sayama Hitomi:

in the drama she is the school nurse and always helps Ainosouke that means that she is the one who is always hitting him on the left eye XD (she also has money problems too xD). She is really annoying when she calls him “AINOOOOOOOOSOUKE” -.- but somehow she really is an important character…

Ok I’ve to tell you, if you want to watch the drama then be prepared!!! It’s really thrilling and also has a good story,  in the beginning but in the ending -.-… well, the end is such a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it would have been better if more episodes had been released!!!!


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