Junketsu + Kareshi Chp. 6 (Opinion)

Hey guys !! We both finally decided to do something new on our blog, we’ve decided to post our own opinions of some new manga chapters, How we liked it and so on .. but I warn you !! It could contain Spoilers .. so better watch out. 😛

so I decided to write my Opinions to the newest Junketsu + Kareshi Chapters, which are scanlated by the group “Omari’s sister” (Thank you >_>)

My Opinion (chapter 6):

Okay, in the first 5 chapters I felt very uncomfortable with the way the manga was structured, I didn’t dislike it, but I had a bad feeling, that It would turn out to be a lame love triangle with a vampire & a werewolf and that the vamp and the doggy would kill each other because of this girl .. But It’s soo cute in this chapter >__< cause the guy (lol. I forgot his name) starts fighting together with the other one … that looked sooo awesome … I was really impressed cause I expected a very cliche-like plot (all in all) And I wonder if Erya would come back some time .. I hope so . xD I wanna know what he looks like xD  .. but sure is that the girl ends up with the vampire .. what else ? XD


7 thoughts on “Junketsu + Kareshi Chp. 6 (Opinion)

  1. I know this author from SLH 😀
    I haven’t checked out this particular series by her yet (heck, I’m super behind on Barajou no Kiss ^^;)

    I keep thinking the main girl is a dude. I don’t know why (probably because her character looks like a dude in SLH ^^;)

  2. lol psychic detective yakumo is about a dude who can see spirits/ghosts with his left red eye :3 just finished the anime, apparently, many people didn’t because the ghost-side wasn’t that intense. but i loved it though :3

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