Random : My Top 10 Asian guys xD

Hello (: It’s me b-chan .. and kayu-chan and me decided to present you guys our favorite asian guys . O.O If i get too freaky, please just hit me, okay ?XD I’m gonna start with my guys, and kayu-chan will also do that some day xD

Loool .. ok I’ll start from 10 to one . xD

Number 10 : Kota Yabu

Okay, well before I didn’t really recognize him .. I just saw all the other guys of hey say jump .. but .. seriously . NOBODY told me this guy is .. HAWT . xD . rawr . he also looks amazing with glasses so . what else do i have to wish for ? xD I’ll definitely have to stalk him when I’m in Japan in some years xD

Number Nine: Park Jung Min

I Don’t know him that good, only because Kayu-chan showed me a picture of him .. but I know he’s from SS501 .. and whoa . this guy is really really .. attractive oO . Okay, he’s Korean, he has to XD

Number 8 : Sakurai Sho

Okaay, I first just really didn’t pay attention to him I was like “oh, he does the rap parts, that’s cool” .. But then, as I saw more of the performances of arashi and .. I totally fell in love with this guy …. I mean … just look at this picture .. look XD isn’t he hawt ? xD xD And he’s really good at rapping and he can also sing . and he looks good in a maid costume xD xD Go Sho . xD

Number 7: Kazunari Ninomiya

Whaaaaaa *__________* Ninomiya Kazunari . you’re awesome xD I mean his voice . I my heart starts beating faster when he sings .. >_< and sometimes .. he really looks hawt .. Besides, he is a really awesome actor and he’s even popular in europe because of Letters from iwo Jima .. but well . Nino Rocks xD

Number 6: Matsumoto Jun:

lol . Juuun šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ I was at first like .. “what a strange person he also looks kinda weird” .. but when I saw him with hair like these —-> I was like : *____________________* *nosebleed* .. lol . and now I love him with every haircut .. cause he’s just sooo cool & awesome xD

Number 5: Lee min ho

thaha.. I know him from the korean Drama Boys before flowers .. And my feelings about him were like that .. 1st episode : “whoa . what an asshole :O how can someone like this *censored* and *censored* .. 2nd episode: Whaaaaaaa >_____< soo handsome xD xD . He’s just my psycho . cause he smiles like one . but this smile is amazing xD

Number 4: Yamapiii …

Yamapiiiiii . šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ just look at him .. isn’t he awesome ? xD ..just tooo smexy >_< .. at first I only knew him because I googled “hot asian guys”, but then I saw the drama “stand up” with him .. and I was like *____* .. and then .. I realised he was in the band which is called NEWS .. and then I loved him much more .. rawr . >_>

Number 3: Kim Hyun Joong

Lol . Kayu chan send me some pics of him in the beginning .. and I thought .. oh .. a hot asian guy .. whatever … xD xD but THEN .. I started watching Boys before flowers .. Now i’m addicted to that guy .. sometimes his looks are soooo cute xD xD (@kayu-chan .. remember the party thing where she enters the room and he was like : O_O) oh . and when he smiles like that ..<—– I die a thousand times in a minute .. xD xD ) (@b-chan xD XD yeah I remember you were sitting next to me and always sighing xD how can i forget xD)

Number 2: Jiro Wang

lol . God . please tell me . how can such hotness be put in one person ? xD xD xD .. Jiro is such an awesome guy .. his english is so horrible, but soo cute, he’s just an awesome actors who really fits his roles (especially Jin Xiu Yi) .. Please . Jiro .. can I marry you .. ?? xD and how he treats children is just sooo adorable .. >________<

soooo .. last but not least .. my number one is .. DUN DUN DUUUUN …

Number one: Aaron Yan

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG …whaaaaaaaah … dammit *fangirl scream* Aaron is sooooooooo damn awesome ..Just . whoa. even some of his haircuts would normally look shit .. all of them look hawt on him >_> I Just melt away when I see his sooo adorable smile .. whoa . and His english . is sooo freaking awesome (yes, I know .. He was in america don’t tell me that xD) ..just look at him . He’s just toooooo hot xD . and he’s a good actor xD because of this I’m looking forward to the X-family .. only because of him xD xDĀ  Whoa . sorry .. I just freaked out again .. but .. I can’t hold myself back xD xD Aaron is my number one šŸ˜€


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