Game Review: Re:Coded ..

Hello guys :D 😀 I’m gonna do another Game review .. And This Time it’s for the Ds and it’s Kingdom Hearts Re:coded .. 😀

Short Plot (copied it .. sorry xD) :

One day Jiminy notices that there is a page in his journal that he did not write. He shows his journal to Mickey who summons Chip and Dale. Together they create a machine to read the journal. Suddenly a red “Bug Blox” comes and fills up the machine screen. In order to combat this they give powers to Sora’s data into the journal and guide him while he travels through the worlds there and clear the bugs in order to restore the lost data.

Opinion & more 😛 :

Soo .. The graphics of the game & the gameplay are very usual for the Ds .. Here look at the gameplay .. Not very special .. What I like about this game, was that the fighting system was like in Birth By Sleep.. That was the best system til now, cause you don’t use Mp for Magic .. ^^ What I really didn’t like was the story… It was completely onesided -_- you always went from A to B and to the same worlds… and it wasn’t the real sora >_> besides, it was that kid-like-kh-1-sora again .. he annoys me .. The sora from Kh 2 is hotter xD but .. whatever that’s just my opinion XD .. Well, I got sooo annoyed about this game cause the last part was soo unneccesarily long .. I couldn’t stand it .. But.. the end was very good… I thought it would be such a cheap and . but FINALLY there was some connection between Kh 1/2 Birth by sleep and 358 days .. 😀 and also .. the ending confirms a Kh 3 again .. cause you’ll get to know what micky wrote to sora, when he got this mail … so definitely a KH3 *yaaaay* .. so even if this game is annoying .. KH fans should still play it cause it’s good to know about it 😛


2 thoughts on “Game Review: Re:Coded ..

  1. I love love love love love love Kingdom Hearts! It’s seriously my guilty pleasure. I cannot wait for the 3rd installment!! Woooo!

  2. I´m a very very big kh-fan; “re:coded” was really nice! the story was not that bad, I think, and the gameplay varied after all very solidly…. but it was for DS, so you don´t have all the kh-extras we´re are used to have…. but super game after all!

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