School is boring -.-

hey hey guys 😀 it’s B-chan and Kayu-chan ^^ we’re in school but it’s so shitty boring and normally we have to do some work but we are not so motivated xD  and so we are doing some work on our blog xD let’s start some random stuff

Kim Hyun Joong likes to clap his ass xD (in the vid “A song calling for you” xD xD)

Aaron Yan likes to do a kitty cat dance 😀 (and B-chans mother thinks that he’s gay xD)

We have a boy on our school who looks like Yamada Ryosouke 😀 😀 (b-chan likes to stalk him -.- I’m telling her to stop it because I know him and he’s a korean xD)

oh yeah because b-chan is in love with “love like this” by SS501 she wants to learn the choreography….

Yesterday B-chan cried because she saw Jiro Wang crying…

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu chapter 56, 57, 58 are out and I couldn’t stop screaming yesterday 😛

Arisa chapter 16, 17 are out (you can read it on mangareader)


6 thoughts on “School is boring -.-

  1. B-chan! It’s not nice to stalk people, not matter how fun it is! X3

    Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu is always something I’ve wanted to read… but I’m trying my best to stay away from ongoing manga right now. My list of ongoing manga is HUGE and I hate waiting >.<

      • hahah you guys are too funny! ^^
        I understand stalking him if he’s the only pretty guy in the whole school~ There was a guy like that when I was in high school. He was my (ex)boyfriend’s friend! :O I could stalk him up close without seeming suspicious~Muahaha!
        (I had no evil intentions back then) XD

      • I’m not stalking him, it’s just that I know him personally *muhaha* xD:D… and it’s always you who says “hey do you want to go to…”

  2. looool XD
    haha Kim Hyun Joong like to clap his ass XD well yeah my friends say that he’s my hubby and i call him KHJ (you know it stands for Kim Hyun Joong ❤ and Kim Hyung Joon <3)
    and loooooooool "love like this" is soo good and i can only do the hand thing XD well i can do the dances a lil bit when i'm watching the vids like those of "I'll be Back – 2PM", "Abracadabra – BEG", "Lucifer – SHINee", "Cry – MBLAQ", "Soom – B2ST", "Supa Luv – TEEN TOP", "Spris – 2PM" and "Heartbeat – 2PM"
    hehe me too i saw the new chaps of Kyou, Koi wo hajiemasu
    haah? arisa is really one of my favs and i didn't know they deleted on mangafox =='

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