While waiting for Love Buffet …

Lolz .. heeey guys xD school’s annoying, huh ? xD well, after school I just need any series starring aaron yan, which I can watch, but since I have to wait for the next episode of Love Buffet, I looked for something new, and here it is:

Gloomy Salad Days ..

This drama is the first serious one .. soo unusual for taiwanese dramas O_o it contains brutality, sexuality & death .. Okay, it’s based on the Japanese Manga “Hell girl” so  don’t wonder .. I’ve watched the first to episodes and it’s pretty cool .. and I also like the guy on the left picture xD I think his name is Wang Zi and he’s extremely hot 😛 but I promise you.. you’ll get pissed of after the second episode if you like ’em xD .. I was really surpised as I googled him and found out that his enemy in the drama (actor: Mao Di i think xD) is his younger brother XP .. I really couldn’t see the similarity .. XD But whatever, I wish you a good day, and I’m also gonna post my Song of the day again today XP.


2 thoughts on “While waiting for Love Buffet …

  1. Hmm, that sounds pretty interesting. But you’re right, it’s strange. Whenever I want to watch something sooo funny, I usually go straight to a Taiwanese drama. I’ve never seen Taiwan do serious, or scary or whatever. So I bet it would be interesting to watch this just to find that out.

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