Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 : C-movie

Heey Guuuys 😀 It’s b-chan 😀 😀 since I only have one test left (and it’s tomorrow : Latin -.-) I can post a movie preview for you guys .. This time it’s a C-Movie (or mainland movie) and this movie’s called Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 😛 starring Wang Zi, one of my new addictions (he had a  role in Gloomy salad days) The cover actually reminds me of Step up to the streets but only the chinese version XP Lol . I haven’t watched the film myself xD but I’m still posting it .. ^^


Berlin Chen (Letian), Michael Tse (Ranqiu), Zhou Qiqi (Mianmian), Wang Zi (Qiu Shengyi),  Shi Tianqi (Red Sleeve), Lu Xiner (Coco), Lin Zhenghao (Peter), Liu Meiman (Momo), Ma Jing (Ye, the club owner), Chen Jia (Meat Bun), James Blackston (Stallion), Liu Yi (Miaoyin), Liu Yong, Tian Feng, Cheng Yi.

(Rawr . i’m sorry. I had to put in a picture of wang zi XD XD .. woow . he looks good right now >_> he matured a lot .. okay .. he’s already 21 XD)

I can’t find anything about the plot but as you can see on the picture and on the title, that it has something to do with dancing.. but I also know that there’s a love relationship between two characters .. I hope between Wang Zi and someone else xD xD

Oh yes, last but not least I’m gonna post the trailer here .. Please enjoy .. and when i’ve watched it .. I’m gonna update this post and give you a review ^_^


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