New Drama with Kim Hyun Joong!!!

well hey guys 😀 Kim Hyun Joong has a new drama ^^ he isn’t the main character but it’s still Kim Hyun Joong xD. The drama is called “Dream High” 

here is a link were you can watch it ^^


7 thoughts on “New Drama with Kim Hyun Joong!!!

  1. Am i being offensive by stating a fact meant to clarify that he is only a guest in the pilot episode? Confusing, really.

    You can delete my post if my comment bothers you. This is your blog, I understand.


    • did I ever say anything about being offensive ? did you even read what we both replied ?
      or do you think it’s a personal attack if I say I don’t care if it’s a guest role cause i wanna see kim hyun joong ?

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