Blue (Chiba Kozue)

Yaaay πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ as I promised, here comes a review of another work of one of my fav. mangakas Kozue Chiba πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It’s called “Blue” and it’s still ongoing -.- I hope it hasn’t been dropped . XD whatever ..

The plot..

Sea, sand, sun & the blue sky… After 3 years, heartbroken & depressed, Mimi decides to go back to the island on which she’s spendt her wholeΒ  childhood..There she meets her childhood friends Yousuke, Sumire and Hikari again. They’re getting along so well.. but soon after she came here, some romantic feelings have been developed.. what will Mimi do ?? and will she cure her broken heart ?

My Opinion:

At first I didn’t want to give this manga a read because it looked so usual to me … but I thought “well it’s chiba kozue, I have to xD” and yah .. I gave it a read .. and I got ADDICTET to it O___O this manga is truly amazing & has its romantic cute moments.. and the drawing style is cute as ever ..The only problem is … IT’S ONGOING -_- . please .. continue this xD I wanna know what happens .. πŸ˜₯ . well.. I’m freaking out again xD .. so i better stop .. just one thing


~Read it~


4 thoughts on “Blue (Chiba Kozue)

  1. I read it. Sucks there’s only 4 chapers. & it looks like the next one will be full of drama! But once again the artwork is great! And I like the characters XD

    • yees.. it just pisses me off, that they won’t release the next chapters >__> I’m soo looking forward to the next chapters .. ^_^ and I also totally agree .. the characters are all cute πŸ˜€

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