Chrome Breaker vol. 1-4

Haha guys finally after the shitty school I got a manga review for you 😀 😀 This time, I got a special one for you, because it’s a kinda “dark” manga .. It’s called Chrome Breaker and it’s by Abeno Chaco (who also does White Album I think ) ^_^ I borrowed the first 3 volumes and bought the 4th one.. In my country it’s “completed” but it seems to get a sequel .. I hope so xD xD .. Well, I’m gonna start with the plot 😀

Plot (:

A girl named  Akira, is always called as ” the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary” aka Maria’s Daughter. So the Vatican sendt one of its best elite agents, named Chrome Takagi (codename “Crimson”) , to protect Akira. Chrome is one of the elite assassins directly under the control of the Vatican, used to carry out terrorist acts and the assassination of world leaders. His new mission is to protect Akira so that she doesn’t get into the wrong direction .. so the story of Akira, chrome  & his strange demonic powers begins ..


Well, the drawing style of this manga(ka) is very cute >_> I really like Abeno Chacos style, cause she also manages to do a dark story with cute drawings.. I especially like Akira’s  childhood friend guy (what was his name again ? XD) . he’s .. very attractive xD .. so there was just one problem with this manga .. I was TOTALLY confused .. sometimes I was like “WTF” ?? cause I couldn’t differentiate between some characters anymore.. and the end was also very confusing … I still don’t get it and It has been months since I’ve read it xD xD and I’ve always read it again and again XD .. But since there’s gonna be a sequel, I’m very glad about it, so I’m maybe gonna understand it someday.. lol. xD But all in all this manga was pretty amazing ^_^


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