Kayu-chans “punishment”

lol . here’s ur punishment for whatever it was . I think you said that aaron stinks .. MY AARON . as your punishment you have to watch the bed scene of Gloomy salad days .

Warning to the others : SPOILER

oh yeah . the kissing sound’s awkward xD


29 thoughts on “Kayu-chans “punishment”

  1. gshht .. are you crazy you dumbass ?? of course I would but you don’t have to say that in public xD xD xD the scene was.. smutty xD especially when he sucked the ring of her finger xD

  2. XD yeah “Julian”… a joke? you? NEVER xD! sometimes you’re dreaming of dates with you favorite guys (I don’t want to know what the dreams are about) and sometimes you’re dreaming that you are hitting me xD

    • XD xD yeah .. I think yesterday I had a date with “THIS IS MORE DEPRESSION” XD it was strange .. it all mixed up with our random friend cause she sang “one winged angel” O_O .. but .x D I’ll tell you later xD ..
      yeah . hitting you is always very funny in my dreams . when I wake up I have to laugh XD XD

  3. yaaay. “clap – on the ass power!” xD xD
    Lalalalala~ neol bureuneun noraega
    ireon noraega Lalalalala~
    Lalalalala~ neol bureneun noraega
    ireon noraega Lalalalalala!

    (copied xD XD)

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